A Few of our Testimonials....

John Gillespie, Sibcy Cline Realtors:

"I worked several times with Rob. In one instance he helped my sellers make the correct and appropriate decisions to address the remediation of structural issues before listing a home. And at his direction repairs were done, the house was sold and both the sellers and the buyers benefit from his services. In another instance he worked with my buyers to sort out significant unexpected structural issues in a house they wanted to buy. The problems were significant and undisclosed by the sellers. It’s allowed my buyers to avoid what they thought would be significant problems with the house. Rob is a very good structural engineer. He’s also prompt and communicates especially well. That last point is extremely important as not all realtors and their clients are well-versed in structural engineering. I recommend working with Rob. He is my go to guy for structural engineering issues in residential real estate." 


Andrea, Anderson Township:

"We consulted with Clayzen Consultling while planning for our new pool project, as the minimal space in our backyard meant we needed to excavate close to our house. Rob visited, reviewed our existing house/backyard, discussed what we can do, and advised on what to avoid. His recommendations were very easy to understand, gave us much needed peace of mind, and provided us a clear plan for finalizing our desired pool location. Rob is very personable and a great communicator, which is rare for engineers! We highly recommend Rob and his company."


Tim, Union, KY:

"During our new home building process in Triple Crown, the building department flagged a number of deficiencies during our framing inspection and many items required an engineer's design. We really appreciated all of Rob's help, as this was obviously a stressful situation to say the least. He made everything much more manageable with his practical repair fixes, and I really appreciated that."


Kierston Gray, EXP Realty:

"Rob has always provided my clients with an understanding during their inspection process. He is prompt and professional! I would highly recommend his services."


Alisa, Zanesville:

"My experience working with Clayzen Consulting was excellent. I have a garage built with hand made rafters that were sagging. Rob created a design to fix the problems, and the town engineer immediately signed off on the design. When the town engineer looked at the site later with my contractor, he requested a few tweaks. I emailed Rob and quickly received an affirmative that the design would hold with the requested changes. My contractor was able to understand and implement Rob's design, and I'm so pleased with how it came out."


Tracey, Morrow:

"When my husband and I were contemplating a renovation and new house addition, we initially had Rob visit just to review what we could easily do from a structural perspective. Originally, we were just looking to remove a portion of the back wall for the addition, and Rob let us know the challenges and what had to be designed for that. However, what really impressed us about Rob was all his other interior wall removal and new layout ideas that we had never thought about. We eventually hired him to create a set of construction drawings for the entire addition and renovation construction project. His drawings were clear, detailed, and we could not be happier with the resulting project."


Oz & Tracy, Anderson Township:

"We hired Rob from Clayzen Consulting to provide his professional opinion regarding a property purchase. The inspections identified potential issues and I found Clayzen through another engineering firm's referral. His knowledge and expertise were valuable and his explanations were understandable. We walked through the report and identified no significant issues so no stamp or documents were needed. My wife and I can rest easier knowing the house isn't going to be a money pit or a disaster waiting to happen. Rob was very professional and took his time to explain the causes, potential effects, and solutions to our concerns. We were both very happy we found Rob to inspect the structural integrity of our (hopefully) soon to be new home. Did I also mention that because of the urgency of the matter, he met us on Sunday! Life saver... Thanks Clayzen Consulting!"  


James, Pleasant Ridge:

"Rob was excellent at providing new my wife and I peace of mind by explaining exactly what was causing our sagging floor joists. He then proposed a number of different solutions to fix the issue and gave us the contact information for someone he thought would be good to help us fix the problem. He was patient and answered all of our questions."


Kevin, Blue Ash:

"Clayzen was professional, punctual and detailed. Rob did a great job at explaining what was happening with the structure of the house. He was able to explain in terms so that anyone could understand."


Greg, Villa Hills:

"I had called Clayzen consulting to examine a sun room that was added to our house.  We had been experiencing problems such as cracks and door latches not working  correctly and asked for an inspection to ensure there was nothing major to address, and if possible a solution to our concerns.  Robert Knarr promptly returned my email, explained what service he would provide, it's cost, and we set up a time for him to come out.  He was very prompt and arrived a little earlier than our agreed upon time which was a plus for me.  He seemed very knowledgeable and  thorough.  He was able to explain exactly what was happening to our sun room and I was able to form a plan of action." 


Nickie, Anderson Township:

"Clayzen did a great job.  Of course, our job ended up being more complex than we or he thought it would be.  We had original plans for the house which showed what should be under the big pillar underground, so Rob from Clayzen first gave us a solution based on that.  Unfortunately, after we dug down we saw that the pillar was not built on the foundation that the architectural plans showed, so Rob had to make a new plan to fix our unique problem.  Rob did a great job making a good, solid design and even recommended and brought in a good construction crew to do the job.   It was extremely helpful to have Rob work directly with the construction crew to describe what he needed them to do so I didn't have to be in the middle. Rob was thorough in creating the plans and following through with the whole job.  Would definitely use Clayzen again." 


Heather, Loveland:

"Rob from Clayzen Consulting was Prompt thorough quick and clear in his recommendations. When I re-wrote my notes later that evening I realized that I may not have understood a few things correctly. I e-mailed my interpretations to Rob and he quickly responded with corrections the next day. His information was extremely useful in getting bids for the work to be done. It's reassuring to know that it will be done properly." 


Kathi, West Chester:

"The appointment was easy to set, Rob was on time, knowledgable and professional.   Rob gave an assessment and also recommended possible maintenance actions moving forward.   My husband is also an engineer, and felt that Rob Knarr was a good engineer and felt that his assessments were right on.  I would highly recommend Clayzen for structural review."


Alan, Newport:

"We bought a historic home (circa 1890) that had been rehabbed in 2005. During the rehab, the contractor took down two (2) outer brick walls so they could install a porch. The contractor installed a wood flitch beam with wood supports in the basement to support new brick walls and the new door framing. Over time the wood had started to bow and warp. During the remediation of the structure, we hired Clayzen for all phases of services which included detailed designs for our contractor and a walk through of the construction. What I appreciated about Clayzen is their up front pricing. You know what you are getting with each phase and he is more than willing to explain what each phase involves. There was no pressure to go to another phase. For us, we felt it was worth hiring Clayzen through to the end of construction so we would have a thorough job done and have his reports to show a future buyer." 



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