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We clarify concerns for buyers and sellers...

During the home buying process, we realize buyers call upon multiple experts for home inspections and assessments to ensure their upcoming investment is a sound decision. Our phone usually buzzes at the 11th hour when someone red flags an item (or more) in a home inspection or an appraisal report. Many times, a potential issue (or a few) is identified, but the inspector only provides a vague, noncommital comment. The inspector then recommends an engineer review the issue instead, and that's when we can help.


Turnaound time is often critical...

For these situations, we realize time is of the essence in meeting inspection deadlines and keeping deals alive. We will always do our best to accommodate these urgent requests for your buyer or seller clients.


We can be flexible with appointment times...

We typically schedule appointments during your open times, such as lunch time, late afternoons/early evenings, and Saturdays.


Your first step is to send us an email so we can provide more information on our fee structure and normal scope of services, along with our upcoming availability. 


Please visit our blog for information on some of the more common residential issues we review.

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