We provide Renovation/Addition Design Assistance...

For your upcoming renovation or addition project, we can discuss anticipated challenges, overall feasibility, and potential options if structural framing modifications are necessary. Our focus can remain with just the structural design, or we can help you develop new floor plan layouts and provide construction drawings for your building permit application as well. Every project is unique, and we can adjust our design accordingly. 


We clarify concerns for buyers and sellers...

If you are buying, selling, renovating, building a new addition, or just notice a few oddities, we can visit, review your concerns, and provide recommendations for potential solution options. Our primary goal is to provide peace of mind and help you formulate an action plan for moving forward. We are homeowners ourselves, and we certainly realize money would rather be spent on renovating kitchens, adding new space, or finishing basements instead of structural repairs. We approach every situation by first assuming your house is our house, and this mindset helps us focus on practical and cost-friendly solutions. 


We can be flexible with appointment times...

We typically schedule appointments during your open times, such as lunch time, late afternoons/early evenings, and Saturdays.


Your first step is to send us an email so we can provide more information on our fee structure and normal scope of services, along with list of our upcoming availability. 


Please visit our blog for information on some of the more common residential issues we review.

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