Owning and maintaining a home is seemingly a never-ending challenge, whether it is keeping the grass cut, the gutters clear, your bathrooms & kitchens clean, or just simply ensuring your Wi-Fi network is humming and fueling your kids' devices. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is your house structure, framing, or foundation.


Whether you are buying, selling, renovating, or just notice a few oddities, we will visit with you, review all of your concerns, and provide recommendations on potential solution options. Our primary goal is to provide peace of mind and help formulate a plan of action. We are homeowners ourselves, and we certainly realize your hard-earned money would rather be spent on renovating kitchens and finishing basements rather than structural repairs. We approach every situation by first assuming your house is our house, and this mindset helps us focus on practical and cost-effective solutions. 


We typically try to do appointments during lunch time (depending on location), late afternoons/early evenings, or Saturday mornings.


Your first step is to send us an email so we can provide you more information regarding our fee structure and normal scope of services, along with list of our upcoming availabilities. 


Please visit our blog for information on some of the more common residential issues we review.

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